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Practical Church Podcast
Practical Church Podcast
Build Smart with Sandy Gibbes of Equip Studio (EP002)

A former Student Pastor at Newspring Church; Sandy Gibbes has taken his degree in Architectural Design and used it to help over 100 churches through the process of facility design and construction. Sandy tells us the mistakes he sees many churches making when it comes to planning to build, and gives us the best practical tips to consider when building or repurposing your church space.

Show Notes

6 Tips for church leaders on church design and layout:

-Hire well

-Contractor relationship

-Know your parameters

-Know your context

-Avoid entre-envy!!! Don’t copy

-Think long term! Dream big, but be practical!


Riverbank Church facility rendering – Presented in 2013

Riverbank Church – Completed building August 2016

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Equip Studio:

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