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Practical Church Podcast
Practical Church Podcast
Lipstick On A Pig with Matt Chewning of Netcast Church (EP004)

Matt Chewning of Netcast Church in Beverly, MA talks about making the most of an odd or old space for your ministry meeting space. Practical tips for making the old, crusty, weird and almost impossible possible!

Tips for meeting in a challenging spaces:

  1. Breathe – it’s going to be ok! Your greatest asset is your voice, not your space/building
  2. Don’t be ashamed of focusing on what you prefer – as a leader what you like matters; speak up for what you like – aesthetics
  3. Don’t underestimate the power of your volunteers! You cannot make the vision a reality without a team!
  4. Be ok with making Sundays important in your space
  5. Make sure you “space-fit” your process – make the most of it!


Get in touch with Matt:

@mattchewning on twitter

@mattchewning on Instagram

Matt’s show #preached on GO90

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