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Practical Church Podcast
Practical Church Podcast
Engaging Your Community with Ryan Howell of Curtis Lake Church (EP006)

We live in a fast paced world and the church can be no exception. How can we engage our community in practical ways?

Give 4-5 practical tips to our listeners on how they can engage their church in their community:

Celebrate IN the community things that God is doing. Not just in the 4 wall of the church. Ryan shares a story of how Curtis Lake Church celebrated their 80th birthday in the community.

Look for ways you can meet a particular need in your community. Trunk or Treat, service opportunities, etc.

Leverage church structures IE Groups to serve the community.

Get involved in community action committee’s/boards. It’s a citizen opportunity as a representative of the church.

Participate in existing opportunities.




Framework for Understanding Poverty” – Ruby Payne

The Cat and the Toaster” – Doug Hall


How can people contact you or learn more about Curtis Lake Church?

Curtis Lake Church

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