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Practical Church Podcast
Practical Church Podcast
After 50 Years Of Ministry with Bob Russell (EP013)

Among many other things, Bob Russell is a lead pastor and an accomplished author. His most recent book “After 50 Years of Ministry: 7 Things I Would Do the Same and 7 Things I Would Do Differently” was released in summer of 2016. Bob has a real honest conversation with us about some things he’s learned, and what he would do differently.


Some positive action you would take towards a more positive way to “gear down” at the end of the day:


“I would not subscribe to any premium cable movie channels in my home – In Deuteronomy 7:26, God warned the Israelites not to bring false idols into their homes, lest they be ensnared by it.”

“I would use the Parental Blockage feature on my television to block all programs rated “R” and “M” and then throw away the access code.”

“I would be more intentional about what programs I was going to watch.”

“I would use commercial breaks to do something productive – take time to write someone a thank-you note or a sympathy card.”

“I’d fast from watching any television at least one night a week – Instead of looking for something to occupy my time I’d try talking to my wife or family members.”

“I’d look for something positive and edifying to do with my leisure time – intentional about eating their evening meal together, and no one is allowed to leave the table until they read a passage of Scripture and then pray for someone in the church.”

“I suspect that sitting for hours in front of a screen is a gateway drug to pornography – We’re too accustomed to being mesmerized and entertained by the action on the screen.”



“After 50 Years Of Ministry” on Amazon

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